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Worth pulling on your thinking cap and hiking boots and getting involved in right? Each chest will be planted somewhere with a bit of a local cultural connection.

Charlotte’s Treasure

It might be highbrow, it might, er, not. All you have to do is put your detective brain into gear, work out where you think it is, and get yourself down there before anyone else does! If you manage to get your mitts on a treasure chest, all you need to do is:.

There is something. We may be searching though not even aware we are looking.

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Is it a person, a face, a location, a place? Most of us have been taught that sacred places are addresses for awe or worship.

This season presents a good opportunity to search near at hand. Tales of dreams and journeys may be more than bedtime stories for children. Though they can be precious as well. Chris Highland served as a Protestant minister and interfaith chaplain for many years. He is a teacher, writer, freethinker and humanist celebrant. Chris and his wife Carol, a Presbyterian minister, live in Asheville. Learn more at chighland.

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But in how far does this also hold true for the Treasure Island depicted on the crucial map? A number of speculations and suggestions have been made as to islands that might have inspired Treasure Island. Off the small Skeleton Island , south of the main island, is Foul Ground. Off the west coast is the warning: Strong tide here. On the island itself are mentioned mainly Swamps and Graves , and of course an X that marks the spot: Bulk of treasure buried here. Not all of the lettering is easily readable.

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This map was taken here from Kellscraft Studio , a website dedicated to presenting hard to find, previously printed books now in the public domain, such as Treasure Island. Got a strange map?

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Let me know at strangemaps gmail. Stevenson's original map may still be lost, but the second iteration of Treasure Island, the progenitor of all subsequent representations, can reliably be traced, says reader Darren Griswold:. Edward Newton tells us that he is 'the proud owner of the original sketch from which the published map was reproduced.

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Alfred Edward Newton was an American author, publisher and book collector. His collection eventually numbered around 10, books, most of which were auctioned off after his death. Big Think Edge For You. Big Think Edge For Business. Preview an Edge video.

Treasure Thinking Treasure Thinking
Treasure Thinking Treasure Thinking
Treasure Thinking Treasure Thinking
Treasure Thinking Treasure Thinking
Treasure Thinking Treasure Thinking
Treasure Thinking Treasure Thinking
Treasure Thinking Treasure Thinking
Treasure Thinking Treasure Thinking

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