The Complete WWF Video Guide Volume III

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The WWF is run at a local level by the following offices Supporting Sustainable Seafood. Choosing sustainable seafood ensures that our future generations will still be able to feed from the sea. If the majority of Hong Kong people chose sustainable seafood, the effect would be significant. Each of us consumes Our seafood is sourced from local waters and imported from the Asia-Pacific region and around the world.

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Therefore, the choices we make as consumers are instrumental in supporting sustainable fisheries, restoring depleted local fish stock as well as regionally and globally. More Sustainable Seafood news Seafood Choice initiative Globally, about 90 per cent of our commercially important fisheries are either fully or over-exploited: in , global seafood production was approximately 20 million tonnes, with the majority coming from wild capture fisheries. By , total global production had grown more than eight-fold to million tonnes, with about 56 per cent coming from wild capture fisheries.

Increasing consumer awareness on choosing sustainable seafood and having fishery practitioners adopt responsible and sustainable practices are crucial. That left a big Hogan-sized gap at the top of the card. What he decided to do was select a similar muscle-bound superhero character and push them instead of Hogan. There were myriad problems ahead for McMahon though. Firstly he needed to find someone with charisma, persona and work ethic on a par with the Hulkster. That was not easy.

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In fact, there were precisely zero candidates. While Hogan had been missing in action during , Vince had put the title on workrate babyface Bret Hart. He was a technical marvel, worked his ass off and made everyone who stepped up to the title plate look worthy, even if they were garbage. So instead of Luger storming to the title in summer , he choked and got a reputation as a failure.

The result was the Royal Rumble with the screwy finish of both men winning. That leads us right into Wrestlemania X where both Lex and Bret would get title shots in the same night. Not only did they want to run a large arena again, but they also wanted to take the show outside of the United States and into their key secondary market of Canada. The WWF had a long history of success in Canada, thanks to a relationship forged with the Tunney family and their promotion company Tunney Sports, who controlled wrestling north of the border.

The Tunneys had helped McMahon build a strong foundation in the country, including a Toronto house show in that drew in excess of 75, people for a match between Hulk Hogan and Paul Orndorff. The success of that show, followed by a number of rewarding forays into the market led Vince McMahon to the decision that WrestleMania too could do very well in Canada. There was a brief snag though, caused by Eddie Tunney.

Legal issues immediately arose. Under duress, he agreed to settle with Eddie out of court.

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Some view it as the beginning of the end for Jack, who McMahon blamed for the mix up and never truly forgave. To sell out the cavernous SkyDome, the WWF promoted something it rarely had previously, and never before for its WrestleMania main event: a babyface match. And it was a classic. Side note: Before we commence I will note that this was the first WrestleMania that I ever saw, and it has always held a special place for me.

WWE Legends of Wrestlemania

I reviewed the VHS tape of the event so many times that it wore out and I had to buy a new copy. Thus, I may be slightly more forgiving of what takes place than I might have been otherwise. Additional: There are a number of different cuts of this show available. Fans who have only seen the Coliseum Video version are missing out, because the tape clips around forty minutes off the broadcast in order to fit the whole thing onto a single tape. The Anthology DVD version is the one to track down if you want to own the show, though it does suffer from the use of horrible theme music replacing some of the originals due to copyright issues.

The one of the WWE Network is the best of both worlds; the full show and with the music intact. After a dark match between Paul Roma and the Brooklyn Brawler, which must have been a thriller, the show starts proper with an introduction from Vince McMahon.

He does the voiceover for a gloriously tacky and so very early nineties montage of cosmic asterisms, with Hogan and Warrior outlined in the stars and claimed to be the two most powerful icons in the universe! God yes. Jesse says it is bigger than the SuperBowl. It certainly is to me!

When the matches started, the show began to rapidly go downhill, although the cast of characters assembled here is perfectly acceptable. Unfortunately none of those gentlemen are wrestling each other. Perhaps aware he had a wafer thin roster, McMahon spread his talent out. Taker found himself against the inept Giant Gonzalez. Hogan in a 20 minute tag match featuring IRS. Razor Ramon against Bob Backlund, a complete clash of styles. Even the big guns found themselves out of sorts.

It was a dreadful card before the evening got underway and realistically only Luger vs.

Game-Rave VHS Archive: WWF Wrestlemania The Arcade Game

Perfect looked any good on paper from the eight matches on the released line-up. To begin with there was the question of the champion. This would have worked fine if there was a long term solution to this main event issue. In the end part-timer Hogan dropped the belt back to Yokozuna and it took McMahon another year to realise Bret Hart was an actual viable champion. As long as they persistently hate his product for a year. Then he might consider changing it.

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This all stemmed from the steroid controversy the previous year and several top-line performers Warrior, Bulldog had disappeared because of their chemically enhanced physiques. He saw money in Lex Luger, one of the few clean muscular workers he could locate but was booking him as a Narcissistic heel who nobody cared about. The opening match saw the Steiners demolish the Beverly Brothers in an extended squash that ran over 10 minutes.

The same will be true of Wrestlemania IX. Up next was Shawn Michaels vs. Jannetty was promptly fired, again, and a potential Wrestlemania IX re-match went out the window.

The Complete WWF Video Guide Volume III The Complete WWF Video Guide Volume III
The Complete WWF Video Guide Volume III The Complete WWF Video Guide Volume III
The Complete WWF Video Guide Volume III The Complete WWF Video Guide Volume III
The Complete WWF Video Guide Volume III The Complete WWF Video Guide Volume III
The Complete WWF Video Guide Volume III The Complete WWF Video Guide Volume III
The Complete WWF Video Guide Volume III The Complete WWF Video Guide Volume III

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