Surviving the Information Age

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The company already filed for bankruptcy , and unless it has a plan to reinvent their model, the chain is probably doomed. Most people are getting their things online now.


Staples, a retail giant specializing in office supplies, is staring at the same problem that retailers like Sears are dealing with: Amazon. It appears the company may end up disappearing as a relic of another time, like many others in the retail space. The question, now, is how much longer can the company last?

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Toys R Us recently filed for bankruptcy. As you can imagine, Toys R Us has struggled mightily with the advent of the digital age. The main issue, as with all other retailers, is that companies like Amazon have beat them to the punch. Plus, when you have huge stores with lots of overhead, the debt is going to pile up.

But it is running into some trouble as of late with a few years of slow growth and sagging sales.

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The company is far from dead, of course, but the recent stumbles are catching the attention of investors and analysts. The main issue? Again, the company is apparently having trouble attracting younger clientele — mostly millennials. The up-swing might not be enough to save them. Yep, another department store. Another department store with monstrous stores and overhead, and armies of employees who all need to be paid.

And another retail department store which is having trouble dealing with online competition. JCPenney is in trouble but has seen a short-term spike in sales.

HHGregg is dead and gone. HHGregg, a large electronics and appliance retail store, started with a pulse.

Information Anarchy: A Survival Guide for the Misinformation Age - SANS CTI Summit 2018

By the end of the year, however, it had flatlined. The company was hemorrhaging money and closed stores and laid off thousands of employees over the summer and fall. Department stores in general are just not holding up. The diamond is literally taking a ride on the record. The bumps in the grooves push the diamond up and down. Everything about the process has a tactile physicality to it that differs in feel from digital services.

  • The Letter C (The Erotic Alphabet Vol. 3).
  • Seven Days in Fiji;
  • Secrets.

The old ways were better. Vinyl has a richness and depth that digital media lacks, a warmth, if you will. And hell, even if it didn't, it sure looks cool spinning on the table, and you've got to treat it with kindness to make it play right, so it's more human too. As in our love lives, if you want to feel the warmth, you've got to show you care.

New Barbarian Manifesto –Surviving The Information Age

Beeber's last point hits at the crux of vinyl. The cumbersome process of putting on a record is akin to a ritual, an experience that mirrors the care that artists took in creating the work. First you have to find the record—a treasure hunt which might take five or 10 minutes depending on the size and organization of your collection. When you find the record, you pull it out. You remove the album from its cover. Or, if you're a real stickler, you remove the album from the cover, still inside the inner sleeve.

Because at some point you rotated the inner sleeve 90 degrees to prevent the album from accidentally slipping out. So you pull out the album in its sleeve. Then you place the record gently on the turntable spindle: the hole so accurately punched that you need to push the album firmly down to get it to sit right. The album and the turntable needle are both objects that demand your respect. You remove the wood-handled brush from the cardboard box.

You remove the small red bottle of Hi-Technology Record Cleaning Fluid, along with the tiny red-handled needle brush, both of which are cleverly nestled inside the wooden handle. You gently sweep the needle with the brush, which produces a satisfying whooshing from the speakers. Then you apply drops of D4 fluid to the cloth-covered face of the wood-handled brush and rub it in with the base of the bottle. Then you place the wood-handled brush on the record, careful to orient the nap in the right direction. Then you lick a finger of the other hand, place it in the center of the record, and gently rotate the platter beneath the brush.

When these tasks are complete, then—and only then—do you set the platter in motion and lower the needle—slowly, ever so slowly—onto the spinning vinyl disk.

5 critical requirements for surviving and thriving in e-commerce today

This is why mobile apps that incorporate sound button clicks, etc. Consider every aspect of their psychology and how it might relate to the experience at hand. For instance, a person might find one experience preferable to another, because it reminds them of their childhood, or because that's how they've always done it.

Case in point: my mother always preferred grinding her coffee beans with a hand-cranked grinder, because that's how she always did it—not because she thought that the beans tasted better. There might also be a touch of rebellion in the act of rejecting today's technology for a simpler tool that worked just fine, thank you very much. Not everything in life is about ease and speed. Believe it or not, sometimes people want to take longer, particularly if an experience evokes a past memory, satisfies a deep-rooted need, or fills a behavioral gap.

Surviving the Information Age Surviving the Information Age
Surviving the Information Age Surviving the Information Age
Surviving the Information Age Surviving the Information Age
Surviving the Information Age Surviving the Information Age
Surviving the Information Age Surviving the Information Age

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