Operation World Peace

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These transform the world. The time is now.

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Operation World Peace

An enormous problem needs a bold solution. The internationally entrenched binding rules on neutralization for the islands are distinct from the policy of neutrality and non-alliance of Finland.

In fact, demilitarization was nothing new in the late 19th century. The first documented examples date back to the early Middle Ages and rules requiring the demolition of fortifications and prohibiting their reconstruction were found regularly in peace treaties concluded in Europe in the 17th and 18th centuries.

In , Denmark ceded several islands in the mouth of the river Elbe to Hamburg and at the same time it was provided that no military installations were to be built on these islands. A large number of demilitarization arrangements were included in the treaties ending the First World War, e. This pattern continued well into the period following the Second World War, for instance with regard to the Dodecanese Islands, Pelagosa and the Free Territory of Trieste.

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A special case, in terms of the level of institutionalization of its internationalized management is that of Antarctica. A more recent, though inconclusive, effort towards demilitarization was the plan by the former United Nations Secretary General Kofi Annan for Cyprus.

Political Missions and Good Offices Engagements

One element of the plan was the demilitarization of the island. Demilitarization and neutralization can be understood as limitations to territorial sovereignty, but they function, simultaneously, as confirmations of the idea of territorial sovereignty and control of territory. However, this same solution is also an exception and a provocation to our thinking about the ways in which such territorial sovereignty can be exercised.

The rules of demilitarization and neutralization entail a legally binding promise of giving priority to diplomatic means of communication and negotiation, before means of military power, even though power relations are acknowledged. The demilitarization is managed primarily by the Finnish Ministry for Foreign Affairs.

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  • The system requires transparency and communication on alleged controversies, something which became even clearer in the bilateral treaty between Finland and the Soviet Union. Demilitarization is a small step towards disarmament. It is a recognition of the fact that the arms races that took place in many countries prior to both and were strong contributing factors to the outbreak of the devastating World Wars. The financial frustrations of these pre-war periods are absent today.

    UN - No. of Troops

    Still, we are witnessing, in Europe and beyond, a slow but steady escalation of aggressive rhetoric and military expenditures and activities, alongside an expanding use of force internationally. It is seldom easy or fruitful to try to establish who was first to start a conflict and who should take the largest blame in the midst of a difficult situation.

    EXPLAINER: Where the world stands on Turkey's 'Operation Peace Spring' Syria offensive

    Under such conditions we need to strengthen tools and strategies of communication and co-operation wherever we can and find new ways of promoting disarmament. Demilitarization is one of them.

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