Murder in the Newsroom

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Jarrod Ramos stormed the newsroom in Anapolis in 2018 and opened fire

They take the story to Charlie Skinner. Maggie prepares to leave for Africa. On the Romney press bus, Jim voices his disgust at the limited answers he receives from the Romney campaign spokespeople, and the lack of questions being asked by the other reporters. Hallie musters the courage to start asking hard questions after Jim's rant.

Jim and Hallie, along with a third reporter, Stillman Cameron Gharaee , are kicked off the press bus after Jim fails to convince the rest of the reporters to take a stand with them. Jerry assembles a team to continue researching Genoa and their search eventually leads to a source who seems to have described the entire event on Twitter. Takes place between September 23 and September 30, Rebecca Halliday interviews Maggie about the events of the past year, hoping to establish her credibility as a witness to an interview she conducted as part of Genoa.

While there, Maggie befriends a little boy named Daniel. After the soldiers leave and the reporters are left at the orphanage overnight, armed cattle raiders arrive and loudly demand their camera in Lugisu. Daniel is shot and killed while Maggie is carrying him on her back as they evacuate. Maggie explains that, after the incident, the trip was cut short, and she was sent home to be debriefed by HR and to undergo psychiatric evaluation.

She admits that she was shaken by the incident, particularly as the bullet that killed Daniel would almost certainly have killed her had he not been on her back, but insists that she does not have posttraumatic stress disorder PTSD. Remembering Maggie's recollection of Daniel playing with her blonde hair, Rebecca curses as she realises that Maggie had cut it herself after having a flashback to that moment, something that would cast doubt on her mental state. Jerry and Neal learn that she knows a person who may have knowledge of Genoa, but she will not lead them to the person until Will apologizes.

After Sloan and Don exacerbate the situation, Shelly gets a visit from Will, who admits he deliberately went for her in order to dispel rumours of bias; then reveals that they have already found the source; he gives the team a report he wrote for an NGO, where he documents the use of chemical weapons. Jim is insulted by the Romney Campaign's spokesperson, Taylor Warren Constance Zimmer , and is offered a minute exclusive interview with Mitt Romney, but gives it to Hallie. Takes place between September 30 and October 3, Bombs explode in Syria and a couple pretending to be victims of the blast prank call the station.

Nude photos of Sloan are leaked online by a disgruntled former boyfriend. She confronts him, punches him in the face, and takes a photo. A Rutgers student, about to be interviewed by Will, posts on Twitter that he will announce he is gay while on the show and Mac stops him from going on when a mistake is made in a report on the shooting of Trayvon Martin. Don tries to correct a statement he made to a reporter at WorldNetDaily.

A confidential source gives Charlie a cargo manifest from Operation Genoa that contains a classified item, which Charlie believes is sarin gas.

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Jim suspects Maggie who is still shaken from her ordeal in Africa is drunk at work. Will learns that his father has died. Takes place on March 16, The staff has its first Red Team meeting about Operation Genoa. Charlie Skinner says the story is not ready to air.

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Stomtonovich Stephen Root. Charlie and Mac go to Maryland to meet him and he agrees to be interviewed. Jerry conducts the interview alone after Gen.

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Stomotonovich asks Maggie to leave the room, as he was not told in advance she would be present and has not had her checked out. Stomtonovich affirms the existence of sarin gas and his belief that its use may sometimes be justified, but does not say that it was used during Operation Genoa. On his return, Jerry edits the raw footage of the interview so that it appears the General said that sarin gas was used during the operation. After the interview, the staff holds a second Red Team meeting, where Charlie Skinner says the story is still not ready to air.

Hallie arranges a double date for her and Jim with her friend and Neal. To Jim's dismay Taylor Warren, the Romney campaign spokesperson, tags along. Warren later reveals that she was recently fired. Will is concerned about his likability with the audience, has a focus group done, and at Nina Howard's urging, attempts to change his public image. Later, Charlie recounts his recollection of events to Rebecca Halliday and reveals that the story about Operation Genoa was not true.

Takes place between March 21 and August 25, Anthony Hemingway. The staff is being interviewed by Rebecca Halliday and recount how they all failed to discover the Genoa story was false. In a flash back to a few months ago, the third Red Team meeting is being conducted and Will is presented the story. Will reveals that he heard the same story from a source. Charlie says that the story is ready to air.

ACN airs the story on September 9, The next day, revelations from various sources cause the staff to start questioning the story's accuracy. Mac is suspicious and reviews the tape of the interview with the General. She discovers that Jerry edited it and fires him.

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It is revealed that in addition to the edited interview, Cyrus West the first source has political ambitions and exaggerated Operation Genoa, Eric Sweeney the second source is discovered to have a traumatic brain injury, Charlie's source provided him with a fake manifest in order to get back at him for firing his son, who is dead a result of a drug overdose suffered after relapsing when he was fired from ACN ; the Lance Corporal, who was interviewed by Mac, was asked leading questions and merely repeated what he heard from Mac and other sources in the interview.

Meanwhile, riots are beginning in Cairo because of an American film insulting Islam and a terrorist attack on the American consulate in Benghazi occurs. Takes place between September 9 and September 11, The final scene takes place in the early morning hours of November 6, Will, Charlie, and Mac are trying to convince Leona and her son Reese to accept their resignations.

She gives Maggie a tip about a candidate in California who has condemned Todd Akin , but made a similarly controversial statement several years ago about rape and abortion. The candidate's staff, in order to get ACN to not run the story, gives them a tip that CIA Director David Petraeus will resign because of an affair and that the Commander of US Forces in Afghanistan will be investigated for a relationship with a Florida socialite , who was receiving harassing e-mails from Petraeus' mistress.

Sloan discovers a supposedly autographed copy of her book was sold at a charity auction, but she did not actually sign it and asks Neal to track down the buyer.

Manual Murder in the Newsroom

Mac asks Neal to fix the information listed on her Wikipedia page which wrongly states that she was President of the Oxford Union when she actually went to Cambridge , but he has trouble finding an outside source to confirm the information. Don is told by Rebecca Halliday that he will be named in a separate lawsuit by Jerry Dantana. Jim accidentally calls a race too early and spends the night watching it, hoping he will end up being correct. Will tells Mac that her request to be fired at the end of the election night show will be granted.

Takes place on Election Night , November 6, ACN decides to proceed with the story about the candidate in California instead of the Petraeus story. Leona decides to let Reese make the decision on whether to accept the resignations of Will, Charlie, and Mac. Will learns that senior staff will also resign as a result of Genoa and tries to convince them not to. Hallie believes that Maggie cut her own hair and tells Jim of her concern. Jim discovers that his ex-girlfriend Maggie's roommate, Lisa has a second job working for a caterer at the campaign watch party.

He meets Lisa and encourages her to return to speaking terms with Maggie. Sloan realizes that Don was the one who bought the book, gives him a signed copy, and kisses him. Hallie writes the article herself as a gift from " new media ". Reese decides not to accept Will, Charlie, and Mac's resignations, but Will and Charlie have already decided not to resign.

After Jim confronts her about the truth regarding what happened to Maggie's hair, Lisa begins to rebuild bridges with her. Will asks Mac to marry him and she accepts. The ACN staff celebrates. Takes place on Election Night, November 6, Experiencing a loss of viewer trust from the Genoa retraction, the news team treats a breaking story about the Boston Marathon bombings with guarded caution.

Maggie and Elliot are sent to Boston, and after he has an allergic reaction, she steps in to report in impressive fashion. Sloan, using a computer program that allows her to review financial information in great detail, follows a tip from a friend about a company that may be bought out. Reese gives Sloan data showing heavy losses, but asks her to "be kind" and think big picture when she reports on the company.

Neal is contacted by an anonymous source and given a file containing confidential and stolen documents regarding riots overseas. Why some black voters want more from the Democratic field. The Note: Bloomberg pits wholesale campaign against retail strategies. With impeachment, it's important as a nation to hear evidence: Sen. Amy Klobuchar. Bloomberg's launches 1st presidential TV ad.

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    The Newsroom S1E7 - Will tells United pilots about Bin-Laden's murder

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    Murder in the Newsroom Murder in the Newsroom
    Murder in the Newsroom Murder in the Newsroom
    Murder in the Newsroom Murder in the Newsroom
    Murder in the Newsroom Murder in the Newsroom
    Murder in the Newsroom Murder in the Newsroom
    Murder in the Newsroom Murder in the Newsroom
    Murder in the Newsroom Murder in the Newsroom

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