Korridorium – der SciFi-Fraktor: Erzählungen, Storys, Miniaturen (German Edition)

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There is even an annual Monty Python Day which is high on the bucket list of every dedicated fan. It is also mentioned in The Bonny Earl of Murray — a Scottish ballad that dates all the way back to the 17th century. Echo niesamowitej historii. W otoczeniu dzikiej przyrody. Marta Siesicka-Osiak. W trakcie rewitalizacji zaniedbanego terenu znaleziono tu m. Photo by Pfc. The MIM Hawk is a medium-range radar- uided surfaceto- air missile that has been in use in various forms since Depending on the variant, it has a range of over 30 miles and can engage targets up to 65, feet.

The Hawk has been phased out of U. The missile is showing its age, with Klystron Tubes being a type of vacuum tube technology that is obsolete by today's digital standards. It is still effective against most fighters and helicopters but suffers from a relatively short range compared to modern radar guided surface-to-air missiles. La planta baja de la atalaya fue modificada durante el siglo XVIII para albergar una capilla, muy deteriorada en la actualidad.

So here I was in Antwerp that evening, after a day full with business meetings and contacts in Brussels, hungry and dehydrated to the point of having a throbbing headache. I passed out exhausted in my hotel room around hrs, and woke up in the middle of the night, hungry, thirsty, still in pain, and quite unprepared to face another day full of appointments.

I had just over 2 hours to my first appointment, and intended to make every minute count : it could only be Bunkers at Dawn!!

Could it have been that Generalfeldmarschall Erwin Rommel, the Desert Fox, might have also taken exception? He inspected the bunkers twice while in command of the Atlantik Wall in , and it is quite likely that he would have been billeted in one of these fabulous mansions close to the command installation, as per typical Wehrmacht procedure at the time.

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It was early in the morning, and in that foul weather, the only other living souls in the neighborhood were a drunken man, a couple of dog walkers and an early morning jogger. Looking further up Acacialaan, I could see them all turning into the park at a point further ahead — so I followed this unlikely early morning herd toward the now visible entrance.

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The two SK1 type command bunkers are massive, and stand directly across each other along the path leading deeper into the park. There have been evident past efforts to demoss them, but nature always has the upper hand, and through its perseverance the structures are blanketed by soft green-brown moss that makes for an unforgettable sight as the morning haze lifts.

The bunkers are remarkable up close. They look very well maintained through the conservation efforts of the Antwerp Atlantik Wall and Air War Museum , which — unfortunately for me — is not open on that day, let alone in this early hour of the morning. The other bunker is now housing the actual museum and was fenced. The more familiar 3-steel beam trap in the background is a Tschechenigel, a type of hedgehog named after the Czechs who first deployed it in the Sudetenland border with Germany shortly before the war — and a very familiar site on the beaches of Normandy.

In front of it, a wooden Hemmbalk — another obstacle against landing craft, made of two short wood beams and a longer third put together in a pyramid arrangement. To the right, two more basic upright anti-glider obstacles, one is concrete and the other just a wood beam.

The French, Belgian and Dutch coasts were literally covered with such obstacles during the Axis occupation, many of which still remain visible on various coastal sites. A unique collection of tank traps and beach obstacles. There are no straight lines in nature. There are 5 of those VF52A-type Troopsbunker, lined up about 50 to meters behind the command bunkers. These are smaller fortified barracks as their name suggests. The business part of the bunker.

Although any visible entrances were either shut or walled in, their firing points could still be approached and a limited view of the space inside is possible. An unfortunately walled in entrance to a VF52A-type Troopsbunker. At the end of the bunker line, one can find what appears as the best preserved VF52A. The brick chimneys adjacent to the entrance encase two steel tubes of different sizes:. Looks formidable even today. A regulation manual outlining the specifications pertaining to utility, positioning, wall thickness, steel casing, layouts, construction techniques or materials — in short, everything required to put such a defensive position together was researched and then prescribed.

Almost like a Regelbau-certified steel door : This one looks decisively older, probably has been loaned from another fort around Antwerp. Regelbau regulations, for example, stipulated that all external steel doors should be 30mm thick and lined with a rubber seal to make them gas proof. I had the chance to swing such doors in Normandy recently — and I can tell you, they must have been quite good exercise for the troops inside:. The skirt walls would protect the entrances from shrapnel, direct hits and small arms fire.

Here they are made of brick — a rare occurrence. The Regelbau concept was conceptualized during WW1, and developed further during the s, underpinning the German field fortification mentality and vision: it was that of a highly mobile combat force, well protected from the perils of a front line such as shelling or aerial bombardment, but equally prepared, or rather compelled to eventually come out of their bunker to connect with the rest of their unit and make contact with the enemy.


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This meant a dispersal of smaller fortifications connected by trenches, that certainly provided adequate protection in combat, but were neither suitable nor designed for longer stays. As a result, German WW2 bunkers were exceptionally designed, and extremely functional, but also generally smaller, cramped and decidedly spartan. This design philosophy was fundamentally different than the French or Belgian vision of static deterrence, which can be seen as applied at the Maginot Line or Eben-Emael — reputedly impregnable, multi-story fortresses with expansive facilities and all possible comforts for the troops, designed for a protracted defensive action.

Well, Herr Hitler rather preferred his soldiers well protected, and also ready to come out of their comfort zone literally and fight. Anyway — you probably know the rest of that story.

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A rather sad looking lift-and-place guard shelter.. One of my greatest regrets from that visit was being unable to go inside. It was past dawn by that time, already daytime. The rain had stopped, my headache was gone, and I was emerging from Park den Brandt, just a tiny bit wetter and muddier than a businessman should look — but certainly happier, and ready to face the day ahead with a big smile and an indelible connection to the soul and history of this great city!!

El ser humano es capaz de lo mejor y lo peor. Lewedorp - Aan de Zeedijk van Jakobpolder staan 3 bunkers gevestigd.

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Deze deden dienst als onderkomen voor manschappen en flakgeschut. Waar komt de naam Scharnhorst vandaan? Gerhard Johann David von Scharnhorst was in vroegere tijden een belangrijk Pruisisch militair. Hij werd op 12 november in Hannover geboren. Binnen het pruisische leger heeft hij belangrijke hervormingen toegepast, o. Hij voerde tevens de algemene dienstplicht in en zorgde er voor dat officieren niet meer perse van Adel moesten zijn.

Twee Duitse oorlogsschepen kregen eveneens de naam "Scharnhorst". De Sloedam was moeilijk in te nemen. De dam was een kale dijk van meer dan een kilometer lengte.

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  4. Microelectronics Education: Proceedings of the 3rd European Workshop on Microelectronics Education;
  5. In die tijd bevonden zich aan weerskanten van de dijk slechts schorren en slikken. De Duitsers zaten op Walcheren verschanst in betonnen bunkers en hadden langs de spoordijk tanks en antitankgeschut ingegraven. Op 31 oktober startte de "Black Watch of Canada" de aanval en de soldaten rukten op onder zwaar Duits vuur. Tot op 70 meter voor de kust van Walcheren geraakten ze, toen stokte de opmars en moesten de mannen terug.

    Ook tevergeefs. De volgende morgen probeerden de Canadezen het opnieuw, nu met ondersteuning van artillerie. Dit keer lukte het wel en wisten ze voet op Walcheren te krijgen, maar een nachtelijke tegenaanval van Duitse zijde joeg ze weer terug. Uiteindelijk wist het laatste Canadese bataljon tot Walcheren door te dringen en daar een bescheiden bruggehoofd te vormen.

    Daarna nam de Britse ste brigade de aanval over en moest op 2 november al een Duitse tegenaanval afslaan. Maar hulp uit onverwachte bron diende zich aan: de verzetsman Kloosterman uit Nisse wist een manier om de Sloe ten zuiden van de Sloedam over te steken. Nadat verkenningen waren uitgevoerd en mijnen geruimd, werd in de nacht van 2 op 3 november, met stormboten en wadend door het lage water, een oversteek gemaakt. Op deze manier wist de ste brigade de Bijleveldpolder te bereiken en de Duitsers daar volkomen te verrassen. Op 4 november maakten deze troepen contact met de ste brigade in het bruggehoofd bij de Sloedam en was het ergste leed geleden.

    On appelle :. Le tir est dit :. Dr Balliet JM. The hand-over ceremony will be held in the territory of the th air defence training centre of military air defence. The second vehicle is used to carry the TOR-M2 missile launcher station. In February , it was announced that Russian defense contractor Tekhnodinamika was finalizing the development of a prototype transporter-loader for the Arctic derivative of the Tor NATO reporting name: SA Gauntlet air defense missile system. According to the Company Tekhnodinamika, the Arctic version of the TOR short-range air defense missile system can be used for defending the polar military bases being set up in the Russian Arctic from Frantz Josef Land to Chukotka.

    Cerca de Con fecha de agosto eran ya Kaufmann, R. Kaufmann, H. Biesiadka, R.

    Korridorium – der SciFi-Fraktor: Erzählungen, Storys, Miniaturen (German Edition) Korridorium – der SciFi-Fraktor: Erzählungen, Storys, Miniaturen (German Edition)
    Korridorium – der SciFi-Fraktor: Erzählungen, Storys, Miniaturen (German Edition) Korridorium – der SciFi-Fraktor: Erzählungen, Storys, Miniaturen (German Edition)
    Korridorium – der SciFi-Fraktor: Erzählungen, Storys, Miniaturen (German Edition) Korridorium – der SciFi-Fraktor: Erzählungen, Storys, Miniaturen (German Edition)
    Korridorium – der SciFi-Fraktor: Erzählungen, Storys, Miniaturen (German Edition) Korridorium – der SciFi-Fraktor: Erzählungen, Storys, Miniaturen (German Edition)
    Korridorium – der SciFi-Fraktor: Erzählungen, Storys, Miniaturen (German Edition) Korridorium – der SciFi-Fraktor: Erzählungen, Storys, Miniaturen (German Edition)

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