Five Steps to Victory (Chess is Fun Book 4)

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The most popular chess program offers you everything you will need as a dedicated chess enthusiast, with innovative training methods for amateurs and professionals alike. The ChessBase Mega Database is the premiere chess database with over eight million games from to in high quality. The Big Database contains more than eight millions games from to in the highest ChessBase quality standard.

The new Corr Database is a large ChessBase collection of correspondence games from the period from to With more than 80, tournaments and over 1. Fritz Powerbook contains 25 millions opening positions, derived from 1. Plus videos by King, Shirov and l'Ami, 11 opening articles with new repertoire ideas and training sessions in strategy, tactics and endgame!

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Simon Williams presents the London System, providing the theory you need for your games 7 h 16 min. In addition Williams also introduces into typical tactics and patterns in a seperate product. On this DVD, Simon Williams shows all the complications in the London System one has to know as White, giving you the tactical tools for a successful practice — the player who knows the typical motifs has an advantage over the board.

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Chess Books for Children

Chess News. After a long day of work at the board, what does a hungry chess player require? Live Events. Bionext Festival Charlotte Fall-GM Charlotte Fall-IM Ceara-ch Hot Topics. Fat Fritz. Fritz Wesley So. The young, unassuming talent from China has fans all over the world. He particularly distinguishes himself in blitz games. In the just concluded Tata Steel India Tournament, he beat Carlsen twice and came third after Nakamura and the world champion in the blitz event. About women participate. Who is Evgeny Shtembuliak? His name is Evgeny Shtembuliak. Originally from Ukraine, the youngster now lives in the United States and is studying on a full scholarship at the Texas Tech University.

How the chess clock works

His feel for positional chess is outstanding and at the age of 20, he is already rated Qd4 e5 Rgxg2 Rxc4 Bd4 1—0 Karjakin — Dreev, Douglas Kd3 Qxf3 Kxc3 Rg8 Rg3 Qc6 Bxc5 0—0—0 Bd6 Ba6 Rd1 Rc8 Rxg7 Rxg7 Qxg7 Bxc4 Kb2 Be2 Re1 Qxd6 Rxe2 Qd1 Ka2 Qxf4 Qg7 Rd6 Qxh7 Rd1 Qh5 Qd4 Rb2 e5 A natural blunder. Bg2 is the only way to stay in the game 19…Qxh2!

Ke2 Rab8 the attack goes on, …Bd5 is a neat threat. Kd3 Qxg1 Qxb7 Rf8 A win is a win but black could have finished it off in a glorious, unforgettable way. Kxe4 Deserves a diagram Kxe6 Qe5. Qxe4 Rxf1 Kc2 Qxh3 Ka5 e5 Qb8 d6 Not easy for black after this 34…Kf6! Qe7 and draw is the most likely result Kxb4 white is still worse, game goes on. Qh4 Qe5 Ka6 e2 Qe1 Ke7 Qb1 e1Q Qc2 Qee4 Kb7 Kd5 Ka7 Qc6.

We have been planning to announce the winner of our World Cup Quiz for a while now, but we wanted to announce all the winners at once. Yes, there was a tie for first when all the correct answers were known. Five winners, but only three have replied to our emails. So clearly a chess-quizzing star. It is a five-way share of 20 books, so 4 books each, but we expanded that to 5 books each, just to be friendly.

Books will be on the way to the winners. As for the two missing winners, we have email addresses, which of course I will not publish here.

But we are still seeking them. Based on email addresses, one missing winner seems to be Italian while the other is Croatian. We are continuing our free-fourth-book offer — if you buy three books or more and live in the normal European Union zone as defined by UPS — for example, they exclude some islands and remote areas we will send you an extra book free. Please note that if you buy a Special Offer and are in the EU zone, we will add one free book. For example, if a European buys the Special Offer on our award-winning Grandmaster Preparation series , then we would send the 6 hardcovers, plus one free extra book.

But if you already have that book, or would prefer a different free book, then send us an email to salesgroup qualitychess.

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Our good friend why still? You can download it for ChessBase here or just read the annotations below:. Opening preparation in practice. The first round of the European Club Cup competition brought some very interesting games but my attention was in the match between Obiettivo Risarcimiento Padova — Aarhus Skolerne. The Italian club is one of the strongest in the field and a couple of my favourite players like Adams, or my friend Paco Vallejo are playing there.

A strong player I must say after I looked into his games. However it is not crazy to believe that being paired with black against a world class like Mickey Adams, chances are you are going to get squeezed and defeated badly. When you are playing someone this strong, every wrong step will likely be punished, every inch given will be taken. That means that going sideways, playing crafty openings etc not only are unlikely to work but they are the wrong path to take in the first place.

I came to this conclusion a little too late after I had the chance to play Kamsky and Ivanchuk in Open tournaments. I lost both games without much resistance and I was totally unsatisfied with what I played.

How am I going to do this?

Basically I chose the opening randomly at the board and tried to survive on my own. In a way, I was already defeated. Now back to the game. Although he also likes to play the Pirc and Modern. So, among his options we can tell already he had chosen the most principal one. Nc3 Qc7 6. Bg2 Nf6 in the past he had preferred 7…d6 8.

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While there is nothing wrong with that, it gives white too much freedom of choice. Qxd4 Bc5 Bf4 d6 Qd2 h6 Rad1 e5 Be3 Bb4!? Sidestepping the main continuation which is This line is recommended and analysed in depth in the book The Sicilian Taimanov by Antonios Pavlidis. Rd2 Be6! Rfd1 A logical move which the author of the Sicilian Taimanov has also faced over the board and he analyses it well in the book.

Books on Chess Strategy

To me it is much more natural than the main line N The novelty given by Pavlidis. After thinking for a little less than 5 minutes, Adams is the first to deviate from the book. Pavlidis only considers Bd6 Qb6 Bf1 with some tactical complications that are not unfavourable for black. Black follows the book but this move now is probably not the strongest.

Qxb5 Rd4 is a clean equalizer. Black is taking on c2 on the next move, for example Bb4 Qxc2 Qe2 Rxd2 Qf1 Kh7 and black has nothing to worry about, in fact white must play accurate. Bf1 Nxf2 Rxf2 Rxc2 Rdd2 Raxb2 Qxb2 Rxb2 Rxb2 is probably what black was looking for which is unclear. Black might hold, or he might not. Hard to say. Qd6 Qxd6 Rxd6 Bxd6 Bb3 Rc1 Rd8 looks excellent for black 23…b4! Bd6 Rxc4 And now black could try 27…Nxf2!

Five Steps to Victory (Chess is Fun Book 4) Five Steps to Victory (Chess is Fun Book 4)
Five Steps to Victory (Chess is Fun Book 4) Five Steps to Victory (Chess is Fun Book 4)
Five Steps to Victory (Chess is Fun Book 4) Five Steps to Victory (Chess is Fun Book 4)
Five Steps to Victory (Chess is Fun Book 4) Five Steps to Victory (Chess is Fun Book 4)
Five Steps to Victory (Chess is Fun Book 4) Five Steps to Victory (Chess is Fun Book 4)
Five Steps to Victory (Chess is Fun Book 4) Five Steps to Victory (Chess is Fun Book 4)
Five Steps to Victory (Chess is Fun Book 4) Five Steps to Victory (Chess is Fun Book 4)
Five Steps to Victory (Chess is Fun Book 4) Five Steps to Victory (Chess is Fun Book 4)
Five Steps to Victory (Chess is Fun Book 4) Five Steps to Victory (Chess is Fun Book 4)

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