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The main thing I try to impart to new folks is to try to tone down our 21st-century habits of tromping. Animals are accustomed to the ambient sights and sounds, and they stay alive by being alert.

Aberrant Eastern Copperhead photo by Armin Meier. The next tip is to think like a herp and not an endotherm. Has the sun just started to warm things up?

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First rain after a dry spell? Amphibians are probably hopping for joy, looking for their own little spot by the water to start advertising. Herps want to eat, drink, warm up or cool off, and stay safe. Look for habitat that provides these things.

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It is your own fault if you end up in the hospital because you stepped on a viper or fell down a hill. He has also written for Herp Nation and his field herping blog at fieldherping. Pingleton has served on the board of directors for the World Chelonian Trust and is an administrative project manager for HerpMapper herpmapper.

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Cite this book. Request an exam or desk copy. Skip to Description Reviews. Not doing so can accidently injure or kill any animal you may find.

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  4. That list can also be found at our website www. Use it as a checklist as you make your way around the area and explore our beautiful state and the amazing animals that are in it. Many of these animals have specific dietary and environmental requirements that are difficult to meet, which is often why they may not be widely available in the pet trade.

    Secondly, there are regulations in place that prohibit the capture of many animals even if just for a pet. So please, take pictures, enjoy them, but leave them in the wild.

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    Field Herping Guide Field Herping Guide
    Field Herping Guide Field Herping Guide
    Field Herping Guide Field Herping Guide
    Field Herping Guide Field Herping Guide
    Field Herping Guide Field Herping Guide

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