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Randy Credico, a New York radio host and comedian, provided Mother Jones with a series of vitriolic emails he says Stone sent him in recent weeks.

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Credico and Stone were once pals. When Stone started denying after the election that he had communicated directly with Assange, Stone claimed that Credico had served as something of a go-between for him with Assange during the campaign.

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For his part, Credico, who has publicly championed Assange, has said that he played no such role. Not surprisingly, the former friends have experienced a falling out. In a text message to Mother Jones , Stone did not dispute sending this particular message to Credico.

But he maintains he was not making a threat and contends that Credico is citing his words out of context. We talked about it too.

He was depressed about it. Or he was lying? Credico says he does not have prostate cancer and did not have such a discussion with Stone.

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Stone also privately communicated with Guccifer 2. Yet Credico says that he had no information about Wikileaks or the stolen emails to share with Stone. Last November, the committee subpoenaed Credico, but he asserted his Fifth Amendment rights and was excused from testifying.

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This year, though, Credico began speaking out. You backstab your friends-run your mouth my lawyers are dying to Rip you to shreds[. At the event—from which he was ejected—Credico met Rep. Adam Schiff D-Calif.

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The men chatted and, according to Credico, Schiff invited him to meet informally as part of the Russia investigation Democrats on the committee are continuing. Credico met on Wednesday with four Democratic committee staffers. Credico says he went to the meeting to convey an invitation from Assange, who remains confined in the Ecuadorian embassy in London.

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According to Credico, he told the staffers that he had communicated with Assange through a Wikileaks associate, whose name he would not share with Mother Jones, and that Assange was willing to meet with Schiff. WikiLeaks did not respond to questions from Mother Jones about this alleged offer. Schiff spokesman Patrick Boland confirmed the staffers met with Credico. He declined to comment on what was discussed. Boland suggested that Schiff is unlikely to meet with Assange soon.

Dan Friedman. David Corn and Dan Friedman. Matt Cohen. However, in a finding that echoed evidence from the frontline, the team discovered that those who placed their sacred value above their group said they were more willing to make dramatic, costly sacrifices such as dying, going to prison or letting their children suffer.

Surveys of the Spanish population also revealed that they made links between spiritual — but not physical — strength and the willingness to make sacrifices. But the team stress that decisions made by devoted actors on the frontline were not made without emotional turmoil.

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While being interviewed, the fighter received a phone call from his wife behind Isis lines, knowing the penalty if caught would be death. The team note that understanding the willingness to fight and die among devoted actors could prove valuable in fostering forces against Isis, including in exploring ways to elicit deeper commitment to, and willingness to sacrifice for, values such as democracy and liberty.

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Be Prepared to Die Be Prepared to Die
Be Prepared to Die Be Prepared to Die
Be Prepared to Die Be Prepared to Die
Be Prepared to Die Be Prepared to Die
Be Prepared to Die Be Prepared to Die
Be Prepared to Die Be Prepared to Die
Be Prepared to Die Be Prepared to Die
Be Prepared to Die Be Prepared to Die

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